What is a D.C.?





State licensed and regulated, he is a valuable member of the healthcare professions.
At least six years of college study and internship (more if he is a specialist) go into the making of a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). His areas of study include some of the most advanced fields of science: anatomy, bacteriology, pathology, biochemistry, pediatrics, geriatrics, and spinal manipulation. He has many hours of study in such vital subjects such as x-ray, nutrition, and physical therapy.

Your chiropractic doctor is primarily concerned with the spine and how its interplay with the nervous system affects many important body functions. He knows that misaligned vertebra can cause excruciating pain in the immediate back area—but it can also interfere with the nerves leading from the spine, thereby affecting distant portions of the body. He is especially skilled in treating neuro-musculo-skeletal problems, such as disc and other back disorders, neck problems, whiplash and conditions of the knee, shoulder, elbow, hand, and foot joints.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic has at his disposal advanced techniques and equipment in modern x-ray, laboratory and diagnostic instruments. Thoroughly trained and skilled in orthopedic and neurological procedures, he will examine and diagnose you to determine what may be causing your body not to function properly. If the problem is one for which recognized chiropractic methods of treatment are applicable, he likely will recommend a course of treatment.

We believe that no one type of doctor can—or should—treat everything. The competent doctor knows to refer to a surgeon, or to a heart specialist; or to an optometrist, podiatrist, dentist, psychologist, or other specialist. The chiropractic doctor is also a specialist in treating many conditions... and he does it without surgical cutting or using potentially harmful drugs.

U.S. government studies show that the percentage of the public becoming new chiropractic patients is on a sharp upswing. Surveys show that 39 percent of the population has used chiropractic services. A doctor of chiropractic performs valuable health care services. Just ask the 78,000,000 Americans who are chiropractic patients.

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